Hey guys, so I just bought this new treatment program that got my friend so excited and I’ll be doing my own review on it after several weeks of trial. Who knows, this may very well be the “right cure” for me.

I can’t wait to get rid of this affliction and to have my normal life and routine back again. These past years have been like living in a trance and I think I’ve had more days in a state of unconsciousness rather than reality. Because of restless leg syndrome I’ve been called crazy and silly. It’s weird that even with modern medicine there are expert doctors that don’t recognize RLS as a real and genuine disease.

Well, to me restless leg syndrome is real, try to tell my legs it’s not! I know I’m not imagining the tickling, itching, prickling sensations on my legs for the past 2 years because I have lost sleep over them! It’s uncomfortable and bothersome and darn irritating. What eats me up is that I can’t sleep even when I want to. I can’t help it because the leg sensations keep me awake forcing me to have to move just to make the darn insanity stop for a few seconds.

The effects of lack of sleep are getting to me. Just last week I was driving and was so drowsy I nodded off on the wheel while sitting at a red light. Good thing my friend was there to alert me otherwise I would have had a lot of angry people sitting behind me late for work!

The say more and more people are getting RLS or maybe just more doctors are becoming more aware of it and starting to accept it as real problem because modern technology is helping them detect it more nowadays. Well, in my opinion, there should be more effective treatments out there for such a common disease because it’s not something imaginary.

Here is the Eliminate Restless Leg Syndrome program that I am talking about:


RLS is more than just painful legs, it is real suffering. It’s a neurological disorder that causes sleep deprivation and if your reading this right now you know what I’m talking about. The result of lack of sleep is damaging to the body, mind and state of well-being, so no doctor has any right to say that we’re making all these up!

Anyway, enough complaining for now. I am going to get reading and get started on these ’2 simple steps’ and pray that they work for me as they did my acupuncturists father. Be in touch soon.


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