I haven’t been sleeping very well ever since restless leg syndrome began bothering me. And then, I discovered the Eliminate Restless Leg Syndrome treatment program that produced fantastic results and gave me tremendous relief and, once again after a long time, I can sleep straight through the night and feel completely rested!

In case this is your first time at my site let me explain a little better:

I was 38 years old when I started having restless leg syndrome. I’ve struggled for almost 2 years with lack of sleep and the effects of sleep deprivation had caught up on me. A typical night for me is was this: I get ready for bed, lie down and read a bit to get my body to relax, and then just as I would start to feel sleepy and shut my eyes, the tingling, creeping and itching leg sensations begin happening.

I shake it off, move a little bit, hoping it will go away, but it refused to. So, I toss and turn, slowly at first so I don’t wake up my wife, and when that doesn’t help I begin to thrash about, left and right and left and right yet again, and eventually I would end up waking her anyway. She tells me to stop, I argue back that I can’t and I have to move my legs or I’ll lose my mind.

I would begin lifting my leg and doing some sort of stretching exercise and that would gives me a little release from the unpleasant sensations. But the moment I stopped the stretching or moving, the feelings would come right back again. I would get irritated and restless so I stand up and walk around back and forth until the sensations let-up. When I would feel the sensations subsiding I would go back to bed because I’m was so sleepy but as soon as I got my feet up and started relaxing again the crawls, pricks and stings would start up once again.

Some nights are were not so bad and I could get enough sleep to last me through the next day. Some nights were so bad it kept me awake for hours into the night that by morning I felt so tired like I never went to bed. If I could, I’d decide to skip work. If I couldn’t skip work, I would try to function but I felt physically slow and mentally dazed the entire day.

If I was lucky not to get it on the weekends, I could catch up on sleep at the expense of missing out on family time, which was I did a lot. One weekend I chose to stay at home to sleep rather than attend my wife’s brother’s wedding and we argued and didn’t speak to each other for a month. Not something me or my wife were excited about.

Out of desperation for wanting to have her “normal” husband back, my wife practically forced me to try the Eliminate Restless Leg Syndrome program once I had found out about it.

At that point, I was so desperate to have even just 1 night of straight, uninterrupted sleep that I couldn’t have cared less if she had suggested I undergo leg surgery!

The easy to follow treatment turned out to be the right therapy for me. Such a relief! I have responded so well that in just 2 weeks into the program my symptoms started improving drastically! I keep waiting for the leg sensations to start creeping and crawling back all over again but they are getting less and less as time goes on. I get plenty of sleep now, straight, blissful unbroken sleep that makes me feel so rested the next day and I feel so full of energy and just rearing to go out and get things done. I feel like a man given a new lease of life!

Here is a link to the website, if you suffer like I did then you must check this out!


The only thing that was not good about the Eliminate Restless Leg program was that there were some minor editing errors that the author could have fixed but obviously I can live with that, after-all I didn’t purchase it for the grammar I purchased it for the results, and results are what I got, incredible ones!


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